How you can promote mobile app for free

Once you make a mobile app, you often struggle hard to find out ways of promoting it. Your goal becomes to provide access and offer an exceptional experience to your target audience. Especially, if you have made a mobile app for a small enterprise, you will be thinking and finding some free or cheaper ways

Some strange facts about the phones we have in our pocket

Mobiles have glued every one of us to its screen, and we can’t imagine a day without checking it. you might see people around you, either in a doctor’s shop, or buss they stay busy on their phones. Why mobiles are so addictive, are you remain engaged to check to various newsfeed in your social

Crowdsourcing and how to bonds people together

Technology advancement has brought many changes in our lives, things that seem impossible in past decades are now happening around us as a common or regular activity. We can’t even wonder some decades age that we can see the faces of our loved ones, who are miles away. Technology has to help us to grasp