How to Create Enough Space in a Laptop for Efficient Operation


Your laptop operates slowly if many junk files and folders are uploaded and not deleted within time. The files, folders and software occupy a lot of memory space on your hard disc and hence your hard discs do not perform efficiently. If many music folders, video folders, images, documents are piled up, then the operations become automatically slow.

The first step to avoid slow operation is to delete the files and folders as soon as they become useless.

  1. Clean Up process

The unnecessary applications and obsolete system files should be drained away. Some of the files cannot be deleted just by right clicking. Hence, you must use the Disk Clean-up device that is present in the search box. Then you can choose the location where you want the applications to be dumped just by a simple ‘Enter’ option. You can regularize the Clean-up process by creating a default setting by running it on the Task Scheduler.

  1. Uninstalling unwanted applications

Some applications that are installed cannot be easily deleted and hence you must enter the Control Panel and then open the main Program files. You can select the programs and then press the ‘uninstall’ option to delete the files. The applications that can be deleted using these options include games, tax software, and other educational or commercial software. A music or media player or any video applications may be installed twice and you can simply delete them by getting rid of duplicates.

  1. Using Cleanup tool

You must install a system that can automatically clean-up your system and erase files such as browser histories, restore points, caches and other temporary folders. Using this system, your system gets completely cleaned and all the folders, files and applications are deleted.

  1. Checking your Miscellaneous folders

Some of the folders consist of several files and they should be deleted because they are accumulated for a long period. You must regularly delete the download files and the reinstall a program. Delete the old versions and then install new applications so that your system operates efficiently.

  1. Check duplicate files or large files

Some word files that are created may be very large and may occupy larger space. Accidently, you may have also created duplicate files. You can enter the main screen of the Windows and check various folders and files that are created and you know the capacity of the files also. In this way, you can delete those old files. You can access them using the disk space analyzer device.

  1. Moving folders to external drives

You must use a flash memory card or a USB hard drive; you can store all your favorite folders in the drive and delete all such files or folders from the system. As the price of external devices has dropped down drastically, you can use them to store large data. But you must use a good-quality external drive or else your system may be attacked with virus.

Follow the above steps and you will surely see a difference in your laptop’s performance.



Different Smart phone for People with a Tight Budget


Today, even people with a tight budget can also purchase a Smartphone at a reasonable price. They are usually available in a metal case.

The following Smartphones are available at a lesser price and you can consider various other factors before buying them.

  1. Motorola G

It is a great Smartphone of 4.75 inches screen and 720p IPS screen. You can operate it on Android system and the internal storage capacity is around 8 to 16 GB. It is lightweight and is thinly structured. It can be operated on the Snapdragon 400 CPU of 1 GB. The user can perform routine operations such as browsing, playing games and capturing videos as it consists of a 5-megapixel camera.

  1. Motorola G2

This Smartphone consists of 5-inch 720 p screen and an 8-megapixel camera. It also consists of two speakers on the front side. It operates with Snapdragon 400 processor and consists of a tiny SD card slot to expand the memory capacity.

  1. Nokia Lumia 735

The screen size is 4.7 inches and consists of 1280 x 720 size display unit. It offers 4 GB connectivity and is known as the cheapest Smartphone set. The Smartphone operates with 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor and it is enabled with 4G LTE. It looks attractive as it is covered in a plastic case. The parts of this Smartphone are powerful.

  1. EEE Kestrel

It consists of small screen of 4.5 inch size and 960 x 540 pixel screens. It is durable as it consists of a powerful battery system. The special feature of this model is that you can quickly download and browse any application. It is powered by 1.2 GHz Snapdragon quad core of 400 CPU and is operated by Android. It offers 4GB connectivity and it depends upon the coverage in your area also.

  1. Motorola Moto E

This 4.3 inch and 960 x 540 IPS screen mobile is cheaper compared to other models of Motorola. As it is made fully plastic, a user can easily hold it in his hand. It also consists of 5-megapixel camera along with a shooter and the camera is facing front and is available along with selfies. There is also a monospeaker in the front

  1. Sony Xperia M2

It contains 4.8 inch screen along with an 8-megapixel camera. The operations of this handset are quick as it contains Snapdragon 400 CPU. Once charged, it can be operated for nearly 24 hours. It produces only 960 x 540 resolution images.

  1. ZTE Blade Q Mini

It is a 4-inch handset with 480 x 800 pixel screen and a 5-megapixel camera. The set is durable as the battery can last longer. The camera can be flexed at various angles and hence it produces bright light.

So worry not that you are not able to afford a Smartphone. With the options above you will soon be a happy owner of one!


Small Business

Strategies to Hire Employees in Small Business

Productivity Word on Blue Arrow.

In small business, less people are employed and hence the structure of hierarchy is also very simple. But an employer should consider certain points while hiring employees.

  1. Number of employees

An employer may ideally hire 10 to 15 employees because it saves the company’s cost and if he hires more employees, then he incurs more expenses just towards the salaries of the employees.

  1. Hire Freelancers or outsourcing

Instead of paying salary regularly to employees, the employer can outsource some of their operations to the consultant or hire freelance workers because they save their costs drastically such as computer, documentation, tea etc. They can meet consultants and pay their fees only once, instead of regularly paying their employees. Some of the jobs that can be outsourced by them include accounts, payroll, web designing, marketing, etc.

  1. Hire through referrals

If you own a small organization, you must employ people who are trustworthy because you require them for a long period. You can borrow referrals through your friends, relatives, your advisors, associates, or clients or customers, accountants, because you can get somebody who is well-known to them.

  1. Retention capacity of the candidates

The employees should stay in the organization for a long period. Usually, in small organizations people do not retain their job because they can find opportunities in the long run. So, you can preferably employ people who will stay in the same town for a long period. Married woman may remain in the organization for a long period.

  1. Previous history

Do not hire a candidate who has worked in large companies earlier because he may not able to adjust to the atmosphere of the small organization. In large organizations, work in systematically delegated and the candidate is able to work in that particular process only. In small organizations, people perform different types of jobs daily. Their job changes on daily basis and hence employees from large companies may not become adaptable. You can choose freshers or candidates from smaller organizations. Such candidates have larger scope for growth and they can become experts after gaining some years of experience. So, you must provide scope to the candidates for growth and hence they can stay in the organization for a long period.

  1. Maintain documents of the employee

You need not demand many documents from the employees as they are hired through referrals. But, you must ask them to at least produce their ID, age proof, address proof and their bio-data to maintain office records.